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Citrus and nuts

Why Agha Sweets?

Agha Sweets offers you the best types of oriental sweets manufactured by the best craftsmen in the confectionery industry and by using the best types of pistachios and animal ghee, Agha Sweets offers you the best customer service at the European level and the best shipping rates to all countries of the European Union

Quality assurance

Shipping to all of Europe

Made in syria

Real talk from our real customers

We have always earned the trust of our customers by providing the best services and products and always ensuring that our customer is in the first place.

Do you want to be our agent?

If you have an online sales website or a store that sells Arab products, we aim to reach all parts of the world. We will be happy if you become our agents in various regions of the world.

Be The king with royalty sweets from Agha Sweets



Shipping to most European Union countries

According to the increasing demand for Agha sweets, we have opened the door for shipment to the majority of European Union countries

Free shipping to all European countries

For orders over 100 EUR

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If the product does not meet the quality requirements

More than 4000 customers around the world

We sold our products to most countries of the world

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